Non-Stick Cookware

Years ago, I tossed all my non-stick cookware.  At the time, the “benefits” of cooking with olive oil were being broadly preached to consumers, just as the health and environmental risks of traditional non-stick coatings were becoming well-known.   When I read Dr. Esselstyn’s book “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and made the decision to remove oil from my diet completely, I knew I was going to need a new strategy for non-stick sauteing and baking.

Today, there is a new crop of environmentally friendly non-stick cookware being introduced to consumers.  There are many brands available, and I recommend shopping online first to read vendor claims about the usability and longevity of their cookware.  For my purposes, I wanted a product that would work for both stove top and oven; as well as something that would last without the constant scratches and peeling that have always afflicted my non-stick pans.

I read literally hundreds of consumer comments and reviews, and finally settled on a titanium fused pan.  Downside: cost.   Upside: everything else.   My pan is non-stick on the inside and outside, so a breeze to clean.  It is oven safe, so I use it for both sauteing and baking. I’ve run this pan through its paces aggressively, and unlike comments about other new “green” brands, I can see no degradation in its “slippery-ness”. There are several makers of titanium fused cookware on the market, mostly in Europe, but I chose Woll’s Nowo brand.  It is extremely well-engineered, with a cool removable handle for baking and ease of storage.

I use this pan every day and honestly, I’m not sure I could be a no-fat vegan without it.  Fabulous.  Check it out – Woll Titanium Fused Frypan

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