No-Fat Vegan Queso

This stuff is wonderful, and this chef gets a giant star for recognizing the importance of offering a tasty vegan convenience product that contains no oil!  This is a delicious sauce used to accompany beautiful vegan dishes, OR to make a meal out of a simple bowl of pasta or mashed sweet potatoes.   Let’s be honest…no-fat vegans have to spend a lot of time planning and cooking from scratch, and the choice of no-oil vegan convenience foods are scarce.  It feels as decadent as a day at the spa when someone else cooks for me!  Find it at Whole Foods.

3 responses to “No-Fat Vegan Queso

  1. morganwellinger

    What are the main ingredients of it? Looks interesting. My boyfriend is CRAZY about queso that Moes Southwest Grill has. I wonder if I buy this if he will like it.

    • I would call this more of a creamy sauce than a cheesy sauce. Ingredients: Tomatoes, water, nutritional yeast, unbleached flour, green chilies, paprika, salt, garlic powder, citric acid, zanthan powder, spices. If your boyfriend expects a cheesy sauce, he probably will be disappointed; but it has a good flavor and like I said, I love having a convenience food that someone else thought up and executed!

      • morganwellinger

        Hmm, interesting! I love the fact that one of the main ingredients is nutritional yeast. I’ll have to pick this up at Whole Foods. Thanks for the post!

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