Mora Iced Creamery

OK, no-fat vegans….it is a hot summer day in the Kingston-to-Edmonds ferry line. Smell the salt air, feel the warmth on your bare feet, share the wait with a hundred other families buzzing with their children, their dogs and their ice cream cones. It is a quintessential Seattle experience. Dang…I’m facing my first ferry line ever without the ice cream cone.

Fortunately, I discovered Mora Iced Creamery this week; a Kitsap county company with 3 stores: Poulsbo, Bainbridge and (yay)…Kingston! Mora has all kinds of iced cream deliciousness going on.  They make everything from scratch in small batches and tout unique flavors beyond your imagining, including goat cheese with fig,  rose petal, and lemon bar. The staff was knowledgeable and so helpful!  I explained that I am vegan, and eat no fat, and could they fix me up in their ice cream shop with something refreshing? They didn’t miss a beat! They quickly pointed out all the sorbet flavors and suggested a watermelon sorbet smoothie. Not only does this solve my ice cream-in-ferry line crisis, it suggests a new destination for date night. If you live in Seattle, there is a new foot passenger ferry to Kingston from Pier 50, or you can drive to Edmonds and walk on to the regular ferry for that wonderful summer ride across Puget Sound.

Mora’s Strawberry Sorbet

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