Bob’s Red Mill Textured Vegetable Protein

If you are cooking vegan with no fat, you are probably always looking for new protein strategies.  I love this product for two reasons.  First, it is an ingredient that forms the protein foundation for many recipes, taking on the flavor of whatever you put it in.  For example, it can be the basis of different ethnically flavored burgers, from French mushroom, to Spanish adobo, to Asian terriaki.  You can really have fun playing with your protein.  Another reason I love this stuff is that when I don’t have a big cooking project in mind, I can whip up something quick that may not have adequate dietary protein and add this on top.  It has a great crunchy texture that enhances most vegetables and no real inherent flavor, so you can roast a potato, or saute some beets and just sprinkle this on for a full dose of protein.  You can get this in any market now that has a natural foods section.


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