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Linguine with Truffle-dried Tomatoes and Braised Cabbage

Linguine with Truffle-dried Tomatoes and Braised Cabbage

Weekly trip to the market.  Sale items: Giant cabbages, flats of very large ripe tomatoes, Washington state apples.   What do all these things have in common?  Well, combine them with linguine, peas and some rich truffle-infused salt, and you will know that this recipe is far better than the sum of its parts.  The parts take a little effort though, so have patience and you will be rewarded!

You will need to make some Truffle-dried Tomatoes and some Braised Cabbage with Washington Apples and Onions. Truffle salt imparts a very subtle richness to the tomatoes that really makes them special for anything they are used in. I use the salt in both the tomatoes and in the pasta water, and it truly changes the experience of this dish, so splurge if you can.  If not, you can replace with regular salt and you’ll still have a tasty entrée.  I’ve used a nice black truffle-infused salt that I buy in small quantities at my local Thriftway, but you can find it online at Amazon, Saltworks, and many other sources. I like to buy in small quantities for freshness and affordability, so look at your favorite specialty foods market.  Once you have these parts, you can quickly assemble this entrée for a cold autumn evening.  Serve with a nice glass of full-bodied red wine or pour some crisp non-alcoholic San Pellegrino Limonata in a beautiful glass and enjoy with your loved one.

Linguine with Truffle-dried Tomatoes and Braised Cabbage

1/2 lb. dried linguine
1-2 tsp. black truffle infused salt (or plain sea salt)
1/2 C sun-dried tomatoes or home-made truffle-dried tomatoes (about 24 pieces or 2 whole tomatoes, cut into 12 pieces each)
4 C braised cabbage with apples and onions, warm
1 C fresh or frozen peas
1 C toasted walnut pieces or textured vegetable protein
salt and pepper
Chopped fresh parsley for garnish

Bring a pot of truffle-salted water to a full boil.  Cook your pasta until al dente.  Add your peas during the last minute.  Remove from heat and drain, reserving about one cup of the pasta water.  In a large serving bowl, gently toss the pasta with the braised cabbage and dried tomatoes, adding the reserved pasta water as desired.  Test your seasoning, adding more truffle salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Garnish with toasted walnuts and parsley.  I sometimes offer a small dish of crunchy textured vegetable protein to sprinkle on top with a spoon for those that want a little more protein.  It adds a great crunch to the dish, but is optional.

Truffle-dried Tomatoes

Truffle-Dried Tomatoes

My final harvest of the season is always a bittersweet event.  In October, I harvest seeds from all over my garden and dry them for next year’s flower beds.  I snip all the remaining basil, thyme, and mint and gather the green tomatoes off the vines for bag ripening.  My kitchen is strewn with plates of herbs drying in the cupboards, and bowls of seeds on the table and counters with paper scraps identifying the color and habit of this or that poesy.    I clean and freeze fruit, and prepare batches of chutney and jam.  It is great way to preserve the flavors of summer, but also an opportunity for reflection (remember that warm day we picked these plums?) and projection (these climbing nasturtiums might do better on that south wall next year).   I’ve had some inquiries on how I dry my ripened tomatoes, so I thought I’d give you the instructions.  I love to make them with specialty salts, which is an endless experiment because there are so many fantastic salts available now.  You can, though, just use regular salt or none at all, and you will have intense sweet dried tomatoes to improve the flavor of almost anything you are cooking this winter.  You will need an oven with a dehydrate setting or a temperature setting of 140 degrees, or you can get a counter top food dehydrator for $50.00 that will work just fine.

Truffle-dried Tomatoes

2 large garden tomatoes, sliced into 12 pieces each (or the equivalent volume of halved cherry tomatoes)
1 tsp. of black truffle sea salt (or plain salt)

Cut your tomatoes each into 12 wedges.  Lay them on a broiler pan and set the drip pan underneath.  Sprinkle each wedge very lightly with your salt.  A little goes a long way, so just a pinch for each wedge.  Set your oven to dehydrate or 140 degrees and dry for 12-15 hours.  Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to several weeks.